Cecilia Silvia - Wicked Adventures Operations manaager

Cecilia Silvia

Operations Manager

Cecilia sees that tourism can have positive and negative effects on the cultures involved – she wants to help make the change for good!

Cecilia was born and raised in Bali. As Operations Manager, she manages trip preparation and coordinates with Wicked’s partners, guides and field staff to ensure a quality experience. “Working for Wicked Adventures is a very exciting and challenging opportunity for me. With my role as Operations Manager. I don’t just sit behind the desk; it also allows me to visit some remote areas to scout for trip ideas or for other reasons.”

Cecilia is most passionate about exploring new places and helping people to grow personally and professionally. She believes that people should go places they’ve never been and return to places they love. If she’s had an unpleasant experience while traveling, she gives it a second chance and returns to create a better memory.

“I like to go where I can try new foods, experience other cultures, and seek personal mental and spiritual growth. This helps me to learn more about myself, to define my values and explore my beliefs in life.” Cecilia’s favorite place iis Australia where she’s visited nine times!