Luky Samangun

Booking Officer

Originally from Saumlaki (Regency of South West Maluku), Luky has worked in the travel industry over three years, and most recently as Booking Officer for Wicked Diving.

His biggest dream is to help develop his town of Saumlaki into the next Raja Ampat or Labuan Bajo. Just a quick 45-minute flight from Darwin, Saumlaki offers beautiful, coconut-lined sandy beaches, abundant and pristine marine life.

Luky believes money spent on unforgettable experiences is never money wasted. “When in junior high school, my friends and I visited a small uninhabited island near Tanimbar Island. We borrowed my father’s boat and two fishing rods from local fishermen. On arrival, we gave offering to the ancestral spirits, then enjoyed several hours of swimming, running, and fishing… For lunch, we steamed our freshly caught fish right on the beach. It was a beautiful day, well spent immersed in nature and feeling like young explorers.”

Wicked Adventures is Luky’s second family: “We always support each other, and I like what Wicked does to develop the local community, particularly in Flores. And it’s always so rewarding to hear when our guests have a great experience and recommend us to their family and friends.”