Pit Kuijper

Booking officer

From the Netherlands, Pit works as booking officer for Wicked Diving. She previously worked on liveaboards as dive instructor in Thailand, Komodo and Raja Ampat for Wicked Diving before moving to Bali to serve as one of the bookings officers.

She was inspired to travel and work in the travel industry by her aunt who had traveled a lot as a young woman. After finishing high school, she set out to venture through Thailand, Indonesia and parts of Africa for 8 months. Many years later, after finishing her studies in Amsterdam, she went on a holiday to Egypt and ended up becoming a dive instructor. It was an ideal job for her, diving, teaching, being outside and active every day and meeting lots of different people.

She encourages people to thoroughly enjoy the freedom of traveling and cherish the privilege of being able to travel. Pit’s favorite travel experience, that greatly impacted her, was a three-week liveaboard expeditions between Komodo and Raja Ampat which included visits to very remote parts of Indonesia. “It was the most beautiful trip, where you don’t see other boats for days, unfamiliar dive sites (including one to an actively exploding volcano!). We had some fantastic cultural excursions on the days we were restocking the boat. Having the opportunity to experience such an adventure as part of my job — this is something I will never take for granted!”

Pit considers Wicked Adventures like family, and she treasures all of her travel memories, particularly the Komodo to Raja Ampat expedition and the overland trip from Flores to Bali. “As a business: what has always attracted me to Wicked is their passion and real action for the community and environment. From focusing on training up the local people from Flores to become overland and dive guides to “simple” things like doing a beach clean-up during the liveaboard trips and not serving fish on the boats!”

Indonesia is her favorite destination, naturally — both under water and on land! of course! In addition, Africa (especially Namibia) also maintains a very special place in her heart. She’s most passionate about diving, her husband, their three-month old son and their dog, Simba.