Ria Lisnawati (Rhirhie)

Tour Leader

Rhirhie grew up surrounded by mountains in Flower City, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, which is known as the “Paris of Java.”

She has loved travel for as long as she can remember, and been fortunate to have lived and worked in several different places around the globe. She believes that if everyone could share knowledge and experience, we could create a better world.

Rhirhie enjoys working at Wicked Adventures, not only for the opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia, but also to connect with local communities. She encourages travelers to choose a destination that’s a 180-degrees from their home and to engage with the locals to understand their perspective. “Regardless of whether it’s better or worse, you’ll learn to appreciate things that you probably take for granted so far.”

Any place that will awaken her senses with beautiful nature, rich culture and kind people is Rhirhie’s “favorite destination.” Besides travel, her interests include writing, singing and cooking.