Wicked Good

Contributing To Positive Change


Our commitment extends beyond our tours. Supporters of community-based tourism, we believe in leveraging tourism to make the world a better place–to help sustain the wellbeing of the communities visited and to foster appreciation and preservation of their wilderness areas.

We contribute 2% of our revenue from each Wicked tour to our non-profit foundation, Wicked Good. This is our commitment contributing to positive change. Through this program, we facilitate local projects such as wildlife research and conservation projects, ecotourism guide training, English language instruction, traditional farming and home building techniques, beach clean-ups, and internship programs for future Wicked tour guides. We sponsor a traditional house to help the surrounding communities keep their traditions alive. And we actively work with the Flores Tourism High School, develop homestay networks, and train local dive guides.

Wicked Good also supports our very own Turtle Conservation Center, Pante Hera, located on the island of Flores. Here, we work with the local communities to develop tourism plans to reduce impact, increase local income and explore new locations. Furthermore, by offering internships and scholarships, we facilitate the training and development of a new generation of local adventure guides. You can read more about this project on our Turtle Conservation Camp page.

Turtle Conservation Camp

A community project very close to our hearts, Pante Hera was designed to help protect the critically endangered Leatherback and Hawksbill Sea Turtles and to foster local environmental stewardship.