Wicked Adventures is very proud to organize Indonesia’a First Hammerhead Shark Diving Expedition

Long before any of us entered the water, we became fascinated with the Hammerhead Shark. The look, the movements, the way they triggered some deep primordial fear in all of us set them in our collective memories. Easily one of the most recognizable animals in the world – they are becoming increasingly rare due to human predation.

Operating our expeditions around SE Asia, we long believed that we would have only a fleeting glimpse of them. When we heard rumors of large schools of Hammerheads in remote Indonesia we were skeptical. Our first visit had us encounter 3 or 4 on a single dive. A dream come true…one the big bucket list activities marked off. But on the next dive we had 40. And the next dive 70. The next day we simply stopped counting and watched one of Earth’s great spectacles!


This is video footage from our last visit to the region.

After multiple visits and long discussions with local fisherman we are proud to offer the very first Hammerhead Shark Diving Expedition in Indonesia! 

We will not only be diving with these amazing creatures, but collecting data to document their locations, numbers and behavior for conservation efforts. working with the WWF, we will be using your experience to try to help establish protected areas!

  • Why join our Hammerhead Diving Expedition?
  • Aside from the amazing opportunity to dive with Hammerheads?
  • No Chumming – witness them in natural state
  • Many unknown or unnamed dive sites – pure exploration
  • Incredible diving experiences – pristine reefs, massive schooling fish
  • Collecting data to establish population locations for WWF

Expedition diving is a potentially dangerous sport and since there can be strong currents, divers should be fairly experienced. For this reason we ask that all divers be Advanced Open Water certified with experience in drift diving, and a minimum of 100 dives. We will screen or question each potential guest as to their experience level.

Although we have had great success in the past, please understand that these are wild animals and there is no guarantee that you will see any sharks. Each diving expedition is different and last as long as the sharks want. Weather is also an uncontrollable force. There are no refunds due to bad weather. The Hammerhead Diving Expedition occurs in very remote locations with very little options…we do our utmost to plan ahead, but this is matter over which we can hold little control.

On the Wicked Adventures Hammerhead diving expedition - we got all pumped up for hammer time Save Why Hammerhead Diving? 

In a very large victory for conservation – as of March 2013, Hammerhead Shark finally having CITES protection.

Hammerheads can live a long time – usually between 30 and 40 years.  The biggest of the 9 species is the Great Hammerhead, which can grow up to 6 meters in length and weigh up to 450kg’s, but the average size of most species is around 4 meters and 230kg’s.  They are found around the world, in tropical and temperate waters.

They use their crazy-shaped head as a hunting tool; with eyes on either end of their head it means they can actually see better than most sharks, improving their ability to find prey.  They have many sensors along the width of their head that send out electrical charges to locate prey even buried underneath the sand.  They are carnivores and their favorite food is stingrays.  They use their heads to pin the wings of the ray to the sea floor so it can’t escape.

Hammerheads are not an aggressive sharks and aren’t considered dangerous to humans, although the sheer size and predatory nature of the Great Hammerhead means caution should always be taken when diving with these prehistoric giants.  There are very few attacks on record, but you should never rule it out, especially in remote diving areas.  The Squat-headed and Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks are on the endangered species list. Please contact us to learn more about upcoming expeditions