Thrilling Expeditions in Indonesia's Remote Territories

The Team at Wicked Adventures has been exploring Indonesia long before we formed the company. In an island nation stretching thousands of kilometers, we have focused on doing expeditions on boats. In the past we have gone to the open oceans for eclipse viewing, seeking out and documenting Hammerhead populations, Manta Ray identification, surfing trips in remote islands, and even done exploratory trips from Thailand to the far Eastern reaches of Indonesia.

On land we have undertaken multi-week jungle treks, rafting trips, sea kayaking with Whale Sharks, volcano treks, bird spotting in Papua and cultural tours in remote villages from Papua to the Nias Islands.

Our expedition team has backgrounds that include paramedic and wilderness medicine training, local language skills, and emergency and disaster management. Through experience – we have directly handled severe medical and psychological emergencies, natural disasters, man-made disasters, and political instability. We always provide 24/7 support with both traditional and satellite phones. Our emergency plans include all possible evacuation and medical support options. Perhaps most importantly – our team are experts at adapting our plans to meet the reality of remote locations. We also have a local and regional legal support team available.

Our expeditions can be undertaken upon specific request. Once a year we offer a special research trip to a limited number of individuals.

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