Our Sustainability Pledge

Empowering Indonesia Through Sustainable Tourism

Wicked Adventures pledge to regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia encompasses a comprehensive and holistic approach to responsible and ethical practices. We prioritize the following key points:

Engaging and Benefiting Local Communities:

  • We actively collaborate with local communities, ensuring their participation in decision-making and product development.
  • We provide economic opportunities by hiring locally, supporting local businesses, and encouraging the purchase of local products and services.
  • We contribute to community development initiatives, focusing on infrastructure, education, healthcare, and cultural preservation.

Staff Well-Being and Work-Life Balance:

  • We prioritize livable incomes for our staff, ensuring fair wages that provide financial security.
  • We offer training programs and career development opportunities to enhance employee skills and job satisfaction.
  • We promote work-life balance through flexible working hours, paid time off, and fair scheduling practices.

Empowering Marginalized Communities:

  • We actively seek to support and empower marginalized communities and cultures.
  • We provide economic opportunities and equal employment opportunities in places and situations where they rarely occur.
  • We support community development initiatives tailored to address the unique challenges faced in different locations.

Promoting Sustainable Solutions Among Vendors:

  • We encourage vendors and suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, reducing plastic use and conserving resources.
  • We offer guidance, resources, and training to help vendors implement sustainable practices in their operations.
  • We recognize and promote vendors who demonstrate sustainable practices, encouraging others to follow suit.

Minimizing our Ecological Footprint:

  • We implement on-site practices to minimize waste, conserve energy, and promote responsible resource consumption.
  • We track and account for our carbon footprint, seeking ways to reduce and offset our emissions.
  • We prioritize eco-friendly transportation options and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.

By integrating these principles into our sustainable business model, we aim to foster positive impacts on local communities, create a supportive work environment for our staff, empower communities, drive sustainable practices among vendors, minimize our ecological footprint, account for our carbon emissions and continually seek opportunities for improvement. Our pledge to this sustainability policy emphasizes inclusivity, gender equality, and economic empowerment in traditional societies. Choosing our company means joining us on a journey toward regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia, where together we make a meaningful and lasting difference for the communities we visit and the environment we cherish.

Wicked Adventures Sustainability Policy

At Wicked Adventures, we are deeply committed to integrating Responsible Tourism principles into the core of our business operations. We strive for continuous improvement in our sustainability performance, ensuring that our practices benefit the diverse cultures and communities we engage with throughout the remote parts of Indonesia.

We also seek an open and engaging dialog with you – our friends, guests and visitors. Please contact Riri@wickedadventures.com with questions, more details or just to say “hi”

Internal Management

Social Policy and Human Rights

– We have developed and implemented a clear social policy and code of conduct aligned with international human rights standards.

– We ensure fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities for all our employees.

– Wicked Adventures provides comprehensive training to staff on human rights, cultural sensitivity, and sustainability. 

– We have a zero tolerance policy against any form of exploitation, harassment or discrimination.

– We support freedom of association and collective bargaining rights for our workers.



– Wicked Adventures actively seeks creative solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste, minimizing our environmental impact as an integral part of our sustainability policy

– We carefully measure and monitor energy consumption and water usage across all our operations, with the goal of reducing our overall consumption.

– Whenever feasible, we opt for more sustainable forms of transportation and work to reduce our carbon footprint.

– We educate and engage our staff on environmental practices and set sustainability targets.

– Wicked Adventures is applying for sustainability certification with Travelife (watch this space)  to benchmark and improve our environmental performance.


Partner Agencies


– We prioritize low-carbon transport options like trains over flights for short distances.

– For flights, we consider carbon offset programs and opt for fuel-efficient aircraft where possible.  

– Wicked Adventures uses fuel-efficient vehicles for ground transportation and maintains them properly.

– We encourage travelers to use public transportation at the destination.



– We partner with accommodations that employ sustainable practices around energy, water, waste, and procurement.

– Wicked Adventures favors eco-certified hotels and lodging options powered by renewable energy. 

– We support accommodations that are locally owned and hire local staff.

– We ensure partner hotels respect labor rights and do not engage in any exploitative practices.



– Wicked Adventures designs tours that support local communities, economy and culture.

– We partner with activity/excursion providers that are environmentally responsible and respect animal welfare. 

– We avoid activities that are exploitative, illegal or threaten vulnerable communities or wildlife.

– Wicked Adventures educates travelers on responsible behaviors and cultural etiquette during activities.


Tour Leaders, Local Representatives, Guides

– We provide in-depth training to our tour leaders and guides on sustainability, human rights and cultural sensitivity.

– Wicked Adventures empowers them to lead by example on responsible tourism practices. 

– We ensure equitable wages and working conditions for our guides and local representatives.

– We actively seek to hire and train local guides where possible.

– Wicked Adventures has clear protocols for guides to report any concerns around human rights or environmental issues.



– We respect the rights and traditions of local communities and indigenous populations in the destinations we visit.

– Wicked Adventures actively engages the local community and gets consent for our tourism activities where relevant.

– We support projects that improve livelihoods and alleviate poverty in our destinations. 

– We manage traveler impacts and behaviors to avoid degradation of cultural/natural heritage sites.

– Wicked Adventures encourages responsible consumption of local resources and minimizes waste and pollution at the destination.


Sustainability Policy – Guest and Client Communication and Privacy

– We communicate our commitment to sustainability and human rights clearly to our customers.

– Wicked Adventures provides tips and resources to travelers on how to be a responsible traveler.

– We are transparent about our efforts and partnerships to operate sustainably and respect human rights.

– We ensure responsible marketing that accurately represents destinations and local communities.

– Wicked Adventures has a clear privacy policy on usage and protection of customer data, in compliance with regulations like GDPR.

By taking this holistic approach that embeds respect for human rights and sustainability across the various aspects of our tour operations, Wicked Adventures aims to minimize negative impacts and make tourism a force for good in the communities where we operate. We are committed to regular assessment, stakeholder engagement, and transparent reporting to continuously improve our practices over time.

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