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Wicked Adventures takes great pride in our commitment to sustainability and community development in Indonesia. Our approach to regenerative tourism encompasses a holistic and comprehensive strategy that benefits the environment, the local communities and you – our guests. With our focus on engaging and empowering the people and communities we visit, we ensure their active participation in decision-making processes and destination options. By providing direct economic opportunities through local hiring and support for small businesses, we contribute to the growth and prosperity of the regions we operate in. Our dedication to community development initiatives further aids in bolstering infrastructure, education, healthcare, and cultural preservation, making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those we encounter.

Through training, active outreach and experiences across the destinations Wicked Adventures operates – we cultivate a supportive work environment that enhances employee satisfaction and skills. This translates into empowered individuals who, in turn, play a role in uplifting the communities and people they interact with. Our commitment to empowering these communities extends to providing equal employment opportunities, which often prove transformative in places where such opportunities were previously scarce. Through these initiatives, we seek to catalyze positive change and foster resilience, creating an environment where sustainable solutions can flourish. As we continue to minimize our ecological footprint through on-site practices, carbon tracking, and the use of renewable energy, we strive to serve as an exemplar in sustainable tourism and inspire others to embrace a regenerative approach for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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Wicked Adventures was founded with community-based travel at it’s core. Our approach to travel embodies a holistic and comprehensive strategy that benefits the environment and local communities as well as creating unique experiences for our guests. Our primary focus revolves around engaging and empowering the people and communities we visit. We actively seek out ways to leave the most beneficial impact from our visits. In addition we take a step beyond and have initiatives to seek out and support stewardship in these locations through training to be guides, employment and support for small businesses. We create direct economic opportunities, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the regions we operate in.

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Wicked Adventures pledge to regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia encompasses a comprehensive and holistic approach to responsible and ethical practices.

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