Empowering Indonesia Through Sustainable Tourism

Wicked Adventures pledge to regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia encompasses a comprehensive and holistic approach to responsible and ethical practices. We prioritize the following key points:


Engaging and Benefiting Local Communities:

We actively collaborate with local communities, ensuring their participation in decision-making and product development.

We provide economic opportunities by hiring locally, supporting local businesses, and encouraging the purchase of local products and services.

We contribute to community development initiatives, focusing on infrastructure, education, healthcare, and cultural preservation.


Staff Well-Being and Work-Life Balance:

We prioritize livable incomes for our staff, ensuring fair wages that provide financial security.

We offer training programs and career development opportunities to enhance employee skills and job satisfaction.

We promote work-life balance through flexible working hours, paid time off, and fair scheduling practices.


Empowering Marginalized Communities:

We actively seek to support and empower marginalized communities and cultures.

We provide economic opportunities and equal employment opportunities in places and situations where they rarely occur.

We support community development initiatives tailored to address the unique challenges faced in different locations.


Promoting Sustainable Solutions Among Vendors:

We encourage vendors and suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, reducing plastic use and conserving resources.

We offer guidance, resources, and training to help vendors implement sustainable practices in their operations.

We recognize and promote vendors who demonstrate sustainable practices, encouraging others to follow suit.

Minimizing our Ecological Footprint:

We implement on-site practices to minimize waste, conserve energy, and promote responsible resource consumption.

We track and account for our carbon footprint, seeking ways to reduce and offset our emissions.

We prioritize eco-friendly transportation options and encourage the use of renewable energy sources.


By integrating these principles into our sustainable business model, we aim to foster positive impacts on local communities, create a supportive work environment for our staff, empower communities, drive sustainable practices among vendors, minimize our ecological footprint, account for our carbon emissions and continually seek opportunities for improvement. Our pledge emphasizes inclusivity, gender equality, and economic empowerment in traditional societies. Choosing our company means joining us on a journey toward regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia, where together we make a meaningful and lasting difference for the communities we visit and the environment we cherish.

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