Intimate and Immersive Indonesian Experiences

Are you tired of generic, overcrowded tours that leave you feeling like just another face in the crowd? At Wicked Adventures, we invite you to embark on a journey like no other. Our small group tours are designed to provide an intimate and immersive experience that will leave you with lifelong memories and a deeper connection to the destinations you explore.

What sets our small group tours apart? It’s the attention to detail, the personal touch, and the carefully crafted itineraries that make all the difference. With limited group sizes, you can expect a more intimate and experiential journey, where every participant receives individual attention and personalized service. Our guides are not just professionals, they are from the communities we visit, they are the stewards of the lands and cultures you experience.

Our itineraries are tailor-made to ensure that you have a seamless and unforgettable experience. We understand that each traveler is unique, with specific interests and preferences. That’s why our small group tours can be customized to cater to your needs, allowing you to focus on the aspects of the destination that resonate with you the most.

Discover Hidden Gems

One of the hallmarks of our small group tours is the opportunity for authentic encounters. We go beyond the tourist hotspots, taking you off the beaten path to discover the hidden gems and local treasures. You’ll have the chance to interact with local communities, participate in cultural activities, and immerse yourself in the traditions and way of life of the destination. Our knowledgeable local guides will provide insights, stories, and insider tips, broadening your horizons and appreciation of the place.

Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Sustainability and responsible tourism are at the core of our values. We believe in leaving a positive impact on the communities we visit and the environment we explore. By choosing our small group tours, you support local livelihoods and contribute to the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the destination. We chose our destinations and activities to have the most benefit to the local communities. It’s a travel experience that goes beyond just sightseeing, allowing you to make a difference through responsible travel.


Flexibility is another key aspect of our small group tours. We understand that our professional clients have specific requirements and preferences when it comes to travel. That’s why we offer flexibility in terms of departure dates, tour duration, and activities. We work closely with our partners to create customized experiences that align with their needs and objectives, ensuring a seamless and tailored journey for their clients.

Expert Local Guides

Our team of expert local guides is passionate about what they do and possesses in-depth knowledge of the destinations they operate in. They are your local companions, ready to share their insights, stories, and expertise. With their guidance, you can delve deeper into the history, culture, and natural wonders of the place, gaining a deeper appreciation for the destination you’re exploring.

Unparalleled Experiences

When you choose a small group tour with Wicked Adventures, you’re not just embarking on a trip, you’re embarking on a transformative journey. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled experience that leaves you refreshed, inspired, and connected to the world around you. We believe that travel has the power to change lives, and our small group tours are designed to create those life-changing moments.

Each trip is crafted and planned to reduce our impact on the environment, the communities and the cultures we visit. Each guest is given a welcome package that includes a refillable water bottle, reusable shopping bags and drinking straws to limit the use of plastic. We seek out and support locations and activities that follow the same policies. During most adventures we also include activities that benefit the community – from helping with school libraries to assisting in the ricefields. embrace

So, if you’re ready to step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, join us on a small group tour with Wicked Adventures. Discover the hidden corners, meet the locals, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Together, let’s redefine the way we explore the world and make a positive impact through responsible travel. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure.

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