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5 star reviews

The booking experience with Benny was really easy and any extras quickly sorted out. The local host Dewa Merta was fantastic and able to help with many extra requirements (ie doctors!). Fantastic varied group experience, met some wonderful people from all over Europe. Would definitely recommend this trip!


5 star reviews

Great holiday, a wonderful range of activities. The boat trip was great , the scenery was spectacular and the activities were well planned. The local support were brilliant and the food on boat was amazing.


5 star reviews

An amazing holiday, perfect balance of adventure, nature and culture! Loved the variety of activities – volcano cycling, to waterfall hikes, komodo hunting, village living, sea kayaking and swimming with turtles! Amazing part of the world to explore together with new friends!


Our Destinations

Local Knowledge & Travel Expertise in Indonesia

Wicked Adventures sees travel as the way to benefit communities and cultures across Indonesia. In a country so rich in cultural heritage, diversity and lush environments – we invite you to join our explorations. We craft unique adventures that help benefit the communities and transform our guests from visitors to passionate supporters. Our team is made up of people from across Indonesia – we share our personal expertise and knowledge with you. Our maniacal focus on safety and service means that you will end your trip happy, healthy and…we hope…planning your return visit!

Indonesia is a vast nation with 18,000 different islands, is home to 800+ languages, 300+ distinct cultures and the second most biodiverse place on Earth. It can be overwhelming! Let us help you discover and visit destinations that best fit your plans and passions. We also offer some of the best experiences from each of these places. Learn more about some of the most famous places to visit, but also let us suggest some very unusual options you might not have heard of. With its beautiful landscapes, diverse cultures, and welcoming hospitality, Wicked Adventures will help you find the ideal journey.

Our Commitment

Wicked Adventures was founded with community-based travel at it’s core. Our approach to travel embodies a holistic and comprehensive strategy that benefits the environment and local communities as well as creating unique experiences for our guests. Our primary focus revolves around engaging and empowering the people and communities we visit. We actively seek out ways to leave the most beneficial impact from our visits. In addition we take a step beyond and have initiatives to seek out and support stewardship in these locations through training to be guides, employment and support for small businesses – read more on our sustainability.  We create direct economic opportunities, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the regions we operate in.

Incredible Destinations

Sustainable Practices

Community-Based Travel

Our Sustainability Pledge

Wicked Adventures pledge to regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia encompasses a comprehensive and holistic approach to responsible and ethical practices.

Customized Itineraries

We offer customized itineraries designed to cater to special interest groups, allowing them to embark on unforgettable journeys that align with their specific preferences.

Our Memberships

Popular Activities

Incredible Tours Led By Expert Local Guides

Wicked Adventures crafts unique and meaningful adventures throughout Indonesia. Kayaking expeditions, culinary exploration, wellness retreats and traditional textiles are just some examples of trips we arrange. With safety and authenticity at the forefront of our planning – talk with us about your Indonesia plans and let our expert local guides transform them into an unforgettable experience.

Be Inspired

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Spreading Opportunities, Not Crowds: Sustainable Tourism Through Dispersion

At Wicked Adventures, we believe sustainable tourism is all about traveling in a way that benefits local communities while protecting these special destinations. It’s so much more than just using...

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