Please understand that we will go to every effort to assure your trip goes smoothly, that we offer the highest quality service, and that your journey with us is a truly memorable experience. However, things do go awry. For that reason, we must include all the legal matters listed below. Much of what is said below is for the “worst case”. We do not always rely on these terms and often seek to find a more amicable and reasonable solution. These terms and conditions are here if we need them, not because we must use them. As our lawyer said – if the sh*t hits the fan – better have that page up!

I herewith certify and acknowledge that I understand that my acceptance of a diving and/or snorkeling program organized and conducted by Wicked Adventures or its partners, is predicated on my assurance that I am physically fit to engage in the activities undertaken and that I have had or will receive sufficient training in said activities and that I fully understand the risk involved, of living and traveling on board a ship and the dangers arising from force of nature, and I am prepared to assume such risk.


In order to induce Wicked Adventures or its partners to accept me as a member of the aforementioned diving program, I hereby release and absolve Wicked Adventures or its partners, its agents, employees, and invitees from any and all damages resulting from death or personal injuries, including loss of services, which I may sustain on account of, arising from, or in connection with the aforementioned diving program or the ownership, maintenance, use or operation of any automobile, ship, boat, water sports equipment or otherwise.

I further understand that remoteness of destination, local custom, and/or prevailing weather conditions may cause minor inconvenience or modification to portions of the tour, and Wicked Adventures or its partners reserve the right to modify and/or cancel arrangements due to unfavorable weather conditions and/or technical difficulties at any time.

I also agree to pay compensation at full current market value to Wicked Adventures or its partners for any and all damage or loss of property and equipment belonging to Wicked Adventures or its partners resulting from abuse or negligence on my part. This liability waiver is all subject to the terms and conditions above, which have been read, understood, and unconditionally agreed to.

I further agree to strictly observe and comply with additional reasonable terms and regulations Wicked Adventures or any of its employees may deem desirable or needful to prescribe during the course of any diving tour.


Deposit: 25% upon booking

Final Payment: Due 30 days before the departure date

For expeditions in Indonesia (9 days or longer), Christmas, and New Year’s trips in all regions full payment is 60 days before departure.

The final payment and balance of 75% must be paid 30 days before the trip departure date. If the remaining balance is not received on or before that date WICKED retains the right to cancel the booking, keep the deposit, and resell the scuba diving activity/and or excursion.

Special Offers Last Minute Bookings & Packages require 100% payment within 24 hours of booking.


More than 30 days prior to departure: Refund of deposit less administration fee of 130 USD and less bank and/or PayPal transaction fees

Less than 30 days prior to departure: No Refund

Cancellations can only be acknowledged if received IN WRITING, by email No cancellations are accepted by telephone, SMS, or chats. These cancellations must be acknowledged by Wicked Adventures, in writing to be valid.


These trips can not be canceled as we accepted your commitment to fill the boat in its entirety. If individuals contracted by the person chartering the boat cancel, it is up to the person chartering to find replacements.

For charters we need a 25% down payment to block the boat and prevent other people from booking, 25% needs to be paid 6 weeks later and the remaining balance 8 weeks before departure.


No refund or compensation is due payable by WICKED ADVENTURES for any unused training or trip portions. Guests who do not complete training or trips for any reason are not entitled to a refund for a portion of the total cost.


PT PMA Wicked Adventures, Ltd., its subsidiaries, and operators reserve the right to rearrange the order of any itinerary, to cancel or substitute elements of any schedule without notice when local conditions force such changes.

WICKED ADVENTURES and the guides on the boat can prohibit participation in activities at their discretion based on lack of respect for marine park rules and regulations, lack of respect – or “handling” of any marine life, alcohol consumption between activities or not abiding by internationally accepted safety practices. In this case, we will not refund you for the missed activities.

Responsibility of PT PMA Wicked Adventures, Ltd.

PT PMA Wicked Adventures, Ltd and its subsidiaries, hereinafter called ‘Wicked’ acts only as agent for the person or companies providing accommodation, transport, liveaboard trips or day trips, etc. hereafter called ‘Service Providers’ and Wicked issues all booking documentation on the Service Providers’ terms and conditions.

The tour member acknowledges that neither Wicked, nor its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, staff, or agents shall be responsible or become liable in contract or tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay to person or property, additional expenses, or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any Service Provider or by “force major” or other events beyond Wicked’s control, including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, pilferage, delays, severe weather, Acts of God, Acts of Government, accidents to or failure of machinery, equipment, vehicles or industrial disputes.

Wicked shall not be liable for, or responsible to, any tour member in the event of dissatisfaction based on personal opinion regarding the standard of service or accommodation provided by any Service Provider nor be liable or responsible for any disappointment, distress, lack of enjoyment arising from any act or omission whatsoever. Wicked will only acknowledge liability in the case of proven justified complaints in writing relating to specific and tangible inadequacies of facilities, accommodation, or services provided. In the event of such a complaint, the customer is requested to immediately contact Wicked or the Service Provider, hotel, etc., for remedial action to resolve any problem or irregularity at that time. Only if such a complaint has been lodged will Wicked Adventures consider to fully investigate and act on any complaint.


Once you have checked availability with Wicked Adventures (PT PMA Wicked Adventures, Ltd.) and selected your desired activity, and wish to make a firm booking, we then require a deposit of 25% of the total trip cost, if booked more than 4 or 8 weeks in advance. If booked closer to departure (4 or 8 weeks) full payment will guarantee your booking.

Cancellation Terms can be found higher up.

Payment methods can be made securely online through PayPal. PayPal accepts; American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, or you may also pay by bank transfer. Wicked Adventures will supply you with the appropriate bank details upon booking.

*Please note that bank transfer charges are to be paid by the sender*

Upon receipt of the deposit (or full payment) for the specified activity/and or excursion, Wicked Adventures (PT PMA Wicked Adventures, Ltd.) will make the necessary confirmation with the specified operator on your behalf and you will be sent the appropriate written confirmation.

It is your responsibility at the time of booking to familiarize yourself with and adhere to the specific country entrance requirements, for passports, visa,s and inoculations.


WICKED ADVENTURES (PT PMA Wicked Adventures, Ltd.)

We strongly urge our guests they purchase a fully comprehensive travel insurance package that covers accident, medical, baggage, personal liability and effects, and trip cancellation/interruption when a reservation is made. We strongly recommend our guests use an insurer that covers any travel disruption due to technical malfunction/cancellation of planes and/or any other mode of transportation to the departure point of the booked trip, including travel disruptions due to natural disasters including but not limited to volcanic activities, earthquakes, flooding, severe storms.

In the event our guests are unable to make it to the departure point of the trip, no refunds from Wicked Adventures will be possible for missed portions of the trip.

Please be advised that if guests choose not to carry travel insurance, Wicked Adventures will not be held responsible for any financial disappointment caused by reasons beyond our control.

We require all guests to have travel insurance!

Our remote location and the conditions we travel in expose our guests to unusual risks. In simple terms – flight cancellations are far more common in remote Indonesia. These cancellations and delays can affect your trip plans and we simply can not be held responsible for this.

For these reasons, we require travel insurance.


WICKED ADVENTURES is not certified to give you any medical advice. If you are unsure about any medical matter then please seek advice from a certified General Practitioner before activities.

In taking any courses, regardless of previous experience or training, WICKED ADVENTURES requires a complete medical Questionnaire to be filled out.

Before commencing any vacation one should be physically able to enjoy themselves. The activities that WICKED ADVENTURES offers can be physically demanding, and as such you will be required to be reasonably physically fit to participate and enjoy these activities. Discomfort, displeasure, and pain resulting from the inability to do said activities as a result of physical unfitness are not ground for complaint or refund.

If you have any health problems, are on any form of medication, or have had any illness, injury, or operation that may affect you whilst diving, please let the staff of Wicked Adventures know in advance. Failure to inform us about this may result in you not being able to dive as we would require medical clearance first, which may not be able to be obtained from local general doctors that are not specialists in hyperbaric medicine.

If you are allergic to any form of medication, please state this clearly on the Registration Form. Anyone requiring vegetarian food or with any food allergies should advise us before the trip. Should you have any restrictions or requirements and not inform Wicked Adventures previous to your trip departures, it may be difficult or impossible to meet such demands.


Here at WICKED ADVENTURES, we see nothing as a complaint but as something we can improve. If you receive great service, please tell others, if you have an issue with the service provided, PLEASE TELL US!

Your experience, from the moment of booking to the departure terminal, is all part of our relationship. You have chosen to share your valuable vacation with us and we take that seriously. If, at any point, you feel that you have been treated unfairly before or during your scuba diving activity then please let us know in writing as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you provide us with as much information as possible so we are able to investigate your case fully. Supply us with dates, names, conversations, and facts.
If you don’t let us know we will not be able to improve the quality and service to you and others.

We do have some advice if you feel that the activity is not up to standards. Please report any issues IMMEDIATELY.

1. As soon as you feel there is an issue – Tell someone. Make sure that you express any dissatisfaction clearly, and at the soonest opportunity, so any problem can be resolved in a timely manner.
2. Inform the captain and/or Tour Leader of the activity.
Please notify your guide and be specific as to what exactly the issue is, and how (s)he may help to resolve the problem. All staff members are trained in many fields and are often in these positions for their problem-solving abilities.
3. Satisfaction incomplete?
If your problem cannot be resolved by your Tour Leader, then Wicked Adventures or her appointed representative will represent and support you and attempt to resolve any settlement to a satisfactory reasonable resolution of said issue.
4. Keep a record.
If appropriate, provide written documentation and a factual record of the occurrence, who was involved, and how you attempted to resolve the issues. Names, times, and details are important, please provide all facts, events, conversations, and agreements that are related to your complaint in a timely manner. WE are on your side, but nothing can be resolved if you do not take the time to lodge a formal written complaint no later than 28 days after said event.


If you decide to change your booking after you have made your reservation we will do our best to accommodate these changes. Please be aware that it may not always be possible. You should notify us as soon as possible of any changes, the sooner you do this the more likely it is that we can accommodate the change. There will be an administration fee of 100 Euros (in addition to any changes or refunds necessary to the price of your reservation) for any booking changes which require the issuance of a new Confirmation of Reservation Completed or invoice, including, but not limited to, changes in dates, cabin or room type, activity and/or diving program.


Wicked Adventures cannot be held liable for and will not be responsible for personal injuries, property damage, or wrongful death that may occur during activities arranged, booked, or performed by Wicked Adventures. There are inherent risks associated with all activities offered by Wicked, and those risks must be accepted and accounted for. Wicked is neither negligent nor liable if accidents happen as a result of acts or omissions of other third parties.

Wicked Adventures cannot be held liable for and will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal items such as individual dive equipment, camera and video equipment, strobes and other accessories, passports, flight tickets, and jewelry….


If the departure of your liveaboard cruise is not advisable – or may be dangerous to the life or health of the passengers or to the boat, due to conditions such as bad weather, perils of the sea, Acts of God, political incidents, force majeure – then the captain has the sole discretion to delay or cancel the cruise departure.

Likewise, during the cruise – if bad weather or force majeure (i.e. tsunami) events occur that make it inadvisable for passengers to land, or for the boat to enter port – then the captain shall have the right to delay or postpone sailing until conditions allow and make adjustments to the itinerary that may include cancellation of calls to ports, or the re-sequencing of island visits. For this reason, we recommend appropriate cancellation insurance

In accordance with industry standards, canceled cruises entitle you to a 100% refund of monies paid, less any bank charges, administrative fees, and booking fees incurred. Shortened trips entitle you to a proportionate refund, delayed trips to a choice of refund or re-scheduled trip, and lengthened trips have no extra charge! Re-sequencing of destinations is not considered a satisfactory justification for a refund.

In the unlikely event of a cruise being cancelled due to insufficient reservations, we will alert you to this as soon as we become aware of this possibility. In these circumstances, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure you receive an alternative and comparable cruise.


In the event of political unrest, military conflict, flight cancellations, or any other risk to customers or vessels due to political unrest, then WICKED ADVENTURES has the right to cancel any liveaboard trip to this destination.

In this event, we will re-route your cruise to another destination at no extra cost. However, in these circumstances, we are unable to consider this justification for you to cancel your cruise, and will therefore not be able to authorize any refund or compensation in this event.


If there are any changes to the details supplied to us by you it is your responsibility to inform WICKED ADVENTURES as soon as possible. WICKED ADVENTURES will not be responsible for problems arising from your failure to adhere to instructions in WICKED ADVENTURES emails or correspondence (e.g. late changes to your transfer information, your failure to satisfy permit documentation requirements, etc)

All fares are quoted inclusive of taxes unless otherwise stated. Fares are subject to change without prior notice and are only guaranteed with confirmation.

Please note that the number of activities or routes we list in any package is a best estimate based on normal circumstances, not a guarantee. Circumstances may arise during your vacation (weather, illness, personal choice) where the activities on our route are less than the number we estimate. There will be no partial refunds in these circumstances.

It is incumbent upon you to ensure that you meet the passport, visa, and health requirements of the countries you wish to visit and those that you transit.

Like other online sales agents, our website will NOT stop you from making impossible bookings such as two different trips at the same time or where you book an activity on the same day as a later flight. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not make such reservations.

We will do our best to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified of them. However, because of the sophisticated technology that is required in operating WICKED ADVENTURES, there may be times when obvious errors occur. For example, very occasionally, this may result in a price, product, or other detail displayed or presented on our websites being incorrect. In this case, we will do our best to correct the terms or revise them to mutual satisfaction, notwithstanding we reserve the right to cancel that contract, but this of course will be without any liability to you.


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