Activities & Adventures in Indonesia for Groups

Immerse yourself deep into Indonesian travel with your range of activities and adventures for groups, each promising a distinctive and tailored experience. Delve into the heart of Indonesia with our small group tours offering travellers intimate and immersive Indonesian experiences. For those seeking tailored escapades, our Customized Itineraries will cater to your every desire, ensuring your travel dreams take form.

Families are invited to create cherished memories through our Family Adventures, where every moment is an opportunity for bonding and joy. And for the daring souls hungry for extraordinary exploits, our Expeditions await promising untamed thrills and once-in-a-lifetime encounters. Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary – select your below and venture forth into the enchanting tapestry of Indonesia’s treasures.

Our Commitment

Wicked Adventures was founded with community-based travel at it’s core. Our approach to travel embodies a holistic and comprehensive strategy that benefits the environment and local communities as well as creating unique experiences for our guests. Our primary focus revolves around engaging and empowering the people and communities we visit. We actively seek out ways to leave the most beneficial impact from our visits. In addition we take a step beyond and have initiatives to seek out and support stewardship in these locations through training to be guides, employment and support for small businesses. We create direct economic opportunities, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the regions we operate in.

Incredible Destinations

Sustainable Practices

Community-Based Travel

Our Sustainability Pledge

Wicked Adventures pledge to regenerative and sustainable tourism in Indonesia encompasses a comprehensive and holistic approach to responsible and ethical practices.

Customized Itineraries

We offer customized itineraries designed to cater to special interest groups, allowing them to embark on unforgettable journeys that align with their specific preferences.