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Experience the enchanting allure of Komodo, where villages coexist with Komodo dragons, and discover the distinct Ata Modo culture and language. Journey to Bena, a traditional village steeped in ancient Ngada culture, where you’ll witness intricate carvings, skilled weavers, and the rich traditions of a matrilineal society. Delve into the heart of Manggarai Culture in Ruteng and Wae Rebo, where spiderweb-shaped rice fields and unique clan houses reflect a well-preserved social structure and cherished customs. Our local guides, intimately familiar with these cultures, will ensure your time with us is an authentic and unforgettable gateway into the culture of Flores.

Sign up for one of our carefully curated itineraries allowing you to explore diverse destinations like Komodo, Bena, Ruteng, and Wae Rebo, providing unforgettable experiences that honor the cultures of Flores. With local guides from these communities, you’ll gain invaluable insight and understanding, making your journey all the more enriching.

Our commitment extends beyond cultural immersion, we prioritize preservation and community support. We place a strong emphasis on safety, not just for our visitors but also for the cultural heritage and communities we visit. Promoting cultural sensitivity, collaborating with knowledgeable local guides, and educating travelers about customs and traditions are integral to our approach. Partnering with local businesses and supporting community initiatives ensures that traveling with us contributes positively to the well-being of indigenous communities and environments.

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