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If you’re looking to combine off-the-grid experiences with incredible nature and trekking trails then our Flores Overlands Adventures is the perfect choice for you. Indonesia’s diverse archipelago is a playground for intrepid travelers in search of adventure, authenticity, and an escape from tourist crowds. While Bali and Java attract numerous visitors, hidden gems like Flores Island offer extraordinary experiences away from mass tourism. Nestled to the east of Bali, Flores boasts a breathtaking landscape of volcanic peaks, terraced valleys, and pristine beaches, making it a dream destination for adventurers seeking a more secluded and culturally rich journey.

Wicked Adventures, founded in Labuan Bajo, Flores, is deeply passionate about sharing the wonders of this remarkable island. Beyond the renowned Komodo National Park, our journeys lead eastward, where remote and traditional villages like Wae Rebo offer glimpses into Manggarai culture. The unique Ecocamp on a secluded beach offers an off-the-grid experience and direct support to the local community. Further exploration brings us to the intriguing “hobbit cave” near Ruteng, the enchanting Bena traditional village in Bajawa, and the mesmerizing three-colored lakes of Kelimutu in eastern Flores. Our carefully crafted Flores adventures immerse you in untouched beauty, offering a sense of awe and wonder as you uncover hidden waterfalls, trek pristine mountains, and enjoy the authentic essence of lesser-explored destinations.

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