Meet Eko

Financial Controller


Financial Controller

Eko was born in Maros, South Sulawesi. Born to a family of Javanese descent, he grew up in Banten, West Java, and East Java. Since childhood, he is used to living and moving from place to place, which makes him accustomed to different cultures. At Wicked Adventures, his main task is managing the company’s finances, acting as the Financial Controller. At Wicked Adventures, we are like a big family, building together and pursuing the company’s goal of sustainability. Good synergy and cooperation between all parts make it feel like home. This is why the tour and travel industry like Indonesia has many potential tourist attractions. This motivated him to jump directly into this industry.

Wicked Adventures prioritizes the leading service to our guests with the hope that guests will have a memorable experience after participating in the adventure programs, and for people to know that the world is not just limited to their living space.

He has a passion that he always wants to manifest which is to have a balance of life, be rich, and have a lot of time for family.