Meet Nicky

Senior Tour Leader


Senior Tour Leader

Nicky was born and raised in Banjarbaru – South of Borneo but her family background comes from a variety of cultures as her father is from the west of Java.

She loves to travel a lot to pursue her passion which is seeing and understanding the world better. She’s happy that her work now is not just working, but also fulfills her passion to see other beautiful places in the world as she also loves adventures. By doing so many adventurous activities she has succeeded to make her dreams come true by giving such a tremendous gift to her beloved mother.

She loves to explore every corner of the world and working in Wicked Adventures has fulfilled her wishes in work-life, traveling, service, meeting people, and to be able to contribute to the local communities as well. She also wants all the guests that have been doing trips with Wicked Adventures also feel the same by “seeing the world better in a bigger picture”.