Meet Ricky

Risk Management


Risk Management

Ricky comes from a small town in Northern Ireland. As a geography buff and born with an nearly insatiable love for adventure it was inevitable that he had a remarkable journey encompassing SCUBA diving, mountain climbing, kayaking, trekking, and much more. With over 15 years in orchestrating expeditions, Ricky is on a mission to curate personalized overland escapades across Indonesia and beyond. Marrying a zest for adventure with an unwavering commitment to safety, Ricky has ignited positive transformations in numerous corners of the world.

Today, his endeavors take the form of sustainable tourism, where he empowers local communities through expedition travel leadership, champions environmental guardianship, safeguards heritage, and crafts avenues for economic prosperity. Yet, Ricky’s deepest ardor lies in the art of connection—forging bonds with locals, sculpting learning initiatives, and tailoring training programs that harmonize with the distinctive demands of each adventure-filled destination.

And on Wicked’s expeditions, such as Orca research and wreck diving, he serves as Chief Expedition Leader.

Motivated by facilitating positive change in local communities through sustainable tourism, Ricky plans to open an adventure guide center where community members receive training in expedition travel leadership and environmental stewardship–providing a means to preserve local knowledge and provide economic opportunities.

Always on the move, Ricky can often be found climbing mountains, trekking, mountain biking, SCUBA diving, kayaking, or sailing. His favorite pastime, however, is fueled more by emotional curiosity: “I can think of nothing I love more than connecting with local people in a country and sharing stories and experiences together.”